How to Get Into Karting
I just want to practice

Contact SPKP, contact can be made through Velocity Karts Shop. Contact details can be found on https://www.velocitykartshop.com.au/.

How do I pay my membership

Click on the link below and follow the prompts

Transfer your fee to the WKRC Bank Account Bank: Westpac BSB: 032695 Account number: 470557. Once confirmation of your payment is received, your membership will be processed.

Remember the family membership is for a family of up to five, however only those over 18 have the right to vote on club matters.

Create Karting NSW Account

How do I do my OLT

Once you have joined the Wollongong Kart Club and purchased your competition license through http://www.kartingnsw.com.au/apply-for-licence/ simply email us and let us know and we will organise your OLT on the morning of the race meeting.

I want to race

Wollongong Kart Racing Club is an KNSW affiliated club therefore you must obtain an KNSW Race Licence to be able to race with the club. Information could be found here

Before you can race you must complete a driver test.

Do I have to join a club

Yes, to hold an KNSW Licence you must be a member of an KNSW affiliated club.

How do I get a licence

To obtain your KNSW social/practice licence, go to the KNSW website http://www.kartingnsw.com.au/licence.

Next Race Meeting: 29 May 2021 Next General Meeting: Tuesday 6/4/21