2010 Results
Results for 2006 through to 2010 can be found here
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 Date  Race  Sup Regs  Results 
No Meeting in January
07 February Club Championship Round 1   Click here Not Available
21 March Club Championship Round 2   Click here Not Available
18 April Club Championship Round 3   Click here Not Available
29 May City of Sydney Titles - 2 Days  Not AvailableNot Available
No Meeting in June
04 July Club Championship Round 4  Not AvailableNot Available
01 August Club Championship Round 5  Not AvailableNot Available
19 September Club Championship Round 6  Not AvailableNot Available
31 October TBA  Not AvailableNot Available
No Meeting in November
No Meeting in December
Next Race Meeting: 04 July 2021 Next General Meeting: Tuesday 6/4/21