COVID-19 Practice conditions

Practice will need to be booked and payed ahead of the day at the following link-
Visit Velocity website to book practice!

We would like to thank Velocity Kart Shop for running practice as otherwise it could not happen at all.

At the link there is a calendar where you choose KNSW or KA and it will show availability for different days, which you can pick and then book in.

To keep the website simple, it lists practice at $90, however, they will apply a sliding scale based on the number of bookings- Upto 15 bookings will be $90 each Over 15 bookings will be $75 each If they expand the numbers in the future, over 25 bookings will be $65 each

Please read the conditions listed at the link.

The facility management has agreed for the club to run practice the day before our race meeting. This will still need to be booked in at the above link, and the fee for this day will be $65

Once the temperature reaches 35 degrees practice will be stopped for the day. Please note that the track may become unavailable at Short Notice.
Next Race Meeting: 29 May 2021 Next General Meeting: Tuesday 6/4/21