Picton Gearing Suggestions
The following Gearing is only meant to be a starting point
 Class  Gearing     Class  Gearing 
Midgets12 X 77 Clubman Heavy10 X 85
Rookies13 X 73 Clubman Super Heavy10 X 85
Junior National Light12 X 77 ReSa Light9 X 81
Junior National Heavy12 X 77 ReSa Medium9 X 82
Junior Rotax12 X 76 ReSa Heavy9 X 83
Junior Clubman10 X 80 Rotax Light12 X 81
Junior ReSa9 X 81 Rotax Heavy12 X 84
Senior National Light12 X 77 Leopard Light10 X 79
Senior National Heavy12 X 80 Leopard Medium10 X 81
Clubman Light10 X 83 Leopard Heavy10 X 82
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