AKA Licence Fees as at July 2014
 Licence Type  Fee 
New Licence$285.00
New Renewal (Rule 13.08)$285.00
Practice Licence$96.00
Practice Licence upgradeWithin 30 days$189.00
Single Event Licence$112.00
Single Event Licence upgradeWithin 30 days$173.00
Vintage Licence$78.00
Pit Crew Cards$15.00
AKA Karting Manual$16.00
Fee-Prior Motor Sport Experience Application$110.00
Judiciary Fees (Complaints)$100.00
Judiciary Fees (Appeals)$650.00
The standard credit card fee for new and renewed licences is $4.20. All other licences will incur 1.6% of the transaction amount.
AKA may change fees at any time.
Manual and postage not applicable.
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